Committee Meeting Invite – Email Template

  • Bolsta
  • 11 May 2020
Poorly planned meetings will invariably result in bad outcomes and drag on longer than they should. This is a sure fire way to lose the support of your committee.
Get your committee meetings off to a great start before they even begin! 
This meeting invite sets clear expectations for how the meeting will be run and what needs to be completed beforehand. 
  • Notify the date, time and place of your next meeting 
  • Remind committee members to let you know if they can’t attend
  • State the agenda for the meeting and ensure accountability by assigning an owner to each item
  • Advise the procedure for proposing agenda items (Important!)
  • Direct members to read attached documents to speed up decision making
  • Let your committee know they are valued and acknowledge their commitment to the organisation


Download our Committee Meeting Invite – Email Template now and experience the difference it makes to your next meeting. 

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