Fundraising Game – Heads or Tails


Game description 

This is a fundraising game of elimination that is fun for the whole audience. Participants test their luck by choosing heads or tails. A flip of the coin will determine their fate in the game. Keep flipping the coin until there is only one person standing, and they are crowned the winner.


Instructions on how to play 

The game begins with participants standing up behind their chairs.

Each round starts with the game MC asking participants to make their selection. 

Heads is represented by placing both hands on their head. 

Those choosing tails place both hands on their backsides.

The organiser then flips a coin. 

Participants who made the wrong selection are eliminated from the game and asked to take their seat. 

Participants who made the correct choice advance to the next round. 

Continue the rounds until there is one person left standing and they will be crowned the winner.

Top Tip: When the number of remaining participants matches the number of prizes for that game, ask them to come up the front of the venue. This is where a good MC can create excitement as they whittle them down to the ultimate winner.


Equipment required 

  • Coins for flipping
  • Microphone 
  • Prizes for winners:
  • Have 1 significant prize for the 1st place winner
  • Have 2 to 4 smaller prizes for the runner up winners (Examples: Mugs, drink bottles, box of chocolates or bottles of wine)
  • Balloons for each table if using the ‘Life’ option (see below)


How to set up

This is an easy game to organise as there is no specific set up required. Entrants participate at their tables. 

Have the prizes up the front of the venue with the announcer of this game, so they can use them to gain excitement for the game. 


Number of Volunteers required

Only 1 volunteer is required to run this game and toss the coin.

It is nice to get someone other than the MC to run this game. It gives the MC a break and it’s nice to hear a different voice on the microphone – Just make sure they are comfortable in front of a crowd.


Variations on the game

If you have a particularly larger audience, or you are limited for time, introduce another coin. This provides a third option that participants can select and results in more people being eliminated each round. The third option is called a tie and is signified by participants placing one hand on their head and one hand on their backside. You may choose to start with two coins and reduce to one coin once you have eliminated half your participants. 


How to make money 

Charge a fee to participate (based on the value and number of prizes).

Option 1: Ask participants to place the fee in the collection bowl on their table before standing behind their chair.

Option 2: Let your audience know that you will be collecting an entry fee from each table. Firmly state that everyone is expected to participate. If you are unable to pay, then the person (at your table) who is holding the most cash will pay for you.

You will make more money from this game if you don’t have to purchase prizes. For help sourcing donated prizes, read this great article: Getting Prizes Donated is Easy When You Know How.

Second chance option 

Stop the game once half the participants have been eliminated. For a fee, offer everyone the opportunity to re-enter the game or purchase a life.

Those who have been eliminated can re-enter the game. Instruct them to place the fee in the collection bowl on their table and stand behind their chair again. 

Those who were still ‘alive’ in the game at that point, can purchase one ‘life’ by paying the same fee into the collection bowl on their table. This ‘life’ can be used later in the game when they do get eliminated. 


Or sell raffle tickets for an extra life


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Canterbury Boys High School

This is perfect for schools. Easy, effective and compliant.

Ross Dummett

School Principal, Canterbury Boys High School

Illawarra District Rugby Juniors

Bolsta Raffles helped us raise $33,590. It was very simple...

Rikki Papesch

Illawarra Junior's Manager, Illawarra District Rugby Juniors

Pod Projects

We reached our goal of $1000 in just over a week. This is a game-changer for charities like ours.

Gail Isedale

Director, Pod Projects



Our favourite way to represent a ‘life’ is with balloons. They are inexpensive, and a great visual way to identify who has a second chance in the game. Instruct everyone who purchased a ‘life’ to inflate their balloons and hold them in their hands. To use a ‘life’, simply pop the balloon and remain playing. The sound of popping balloons adds a fun element to this game.



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