Why We Exist

Helping volunteers change their world 


There are over 500 000 not-for-profit groups in Australia, all bringing amazing benefits to their communities. Our schools are served by generous P&C associations, helping improve the education of our children. Countless sports and leisure groups connect us socially, providing avenues for growth and fulfilment. And where would we be without our compassionate charities who work tirelessly to enrich the lives of those less fortunate and affect great change in our world?

It is very rewarding work, but not without its challenges. The extent to which these groups are able to fulfil their purpose is highly dependent on the capability of their volunteers and their ability to raise funds. 

This is where Bolsta comes in! We live in this space and have all done so since 1995. Our mission is to develop and inspire the growth of exceptional fundraisers and highly effective volunteers. Our impact will enable organisations to extend their reach and amplify the great work they do. 

We accomplish this by:

  • Sharing articles and useful tips based on years of experience and research  
  • Providing invaluable resources that are free to access 
  • Connecting committed volunteers to a community of like-minded peers 

Bolsta Fundraising is also dedicated to the development of innovative digital products that can be used by the volunteer community to make fundraising easier, fully compliant and most importantly, more profitable. 

We are supported by the University of Wollongong in this endeavour and are proud residents in their iAccelerate Program.


Helping volunteers change their worlds




iAccelerate is a unique business accelerator and incubator program run by the University of Wollongong (UOW). It’s a thriving community of likeminded entrepreneurs with vision, purpose and passion, growing their impact through exceptional education, mentoring and support among inspiring surrounds.


Who do we help?




Sporting Clubs


Leisure Groups




In fact, we help all not-for-profit groups



How do we help?

We help volunteer-led organisations with fundraising by:

  • Providing tools and resources that assist volunteer led committees to operate effectively, motivate volunteers and become more effective fundraisers.
  • Creating useful tools that assist with fundraising activities.
  • Sharing stories, experiences and testimonials from other volunteer led organisations.
  • Sharing reports and information from leading bodies
  • Creating forums so we can all support each other
  • Providing digital content that imparts what we have learnt throughout our continued volunteering experience since 1996
  • Sharing sales guidance and coaching, in a highly sales reliant industry.

We want to help all volunteer led organisations to be more effective fundraisers. We are pleased to share our knowledge and experience, with the addition aim to develop systems that are digitised, innovative and more profitable.

Our Values

The main benefit of creating our social enterprise later in life (we are all founders in our forties), is we have both business and life experience. We strongly believe a healthy culture is based on a purposeful and practiced set of values. Our very first action was to create a meaningful set of values to guide every decision we make.


We recruit staff and key partners who share these principles and compliment our culture.

Show Kindness

Simple!……Kindness is expected! It starts with being kind to ourselves and the rest is duck soup.

Our Better Selves

Our own physical and emotional wellbeing is a priority. We are better able to benefit and enrich the lives of others, when we are our better selves.


Strengthen and support one another. We are pleased to support volunteers who are making differences in their communities, and we are grateful for their support in return. We are all in this together!

Appreciate Our Differences

The key to ‘getting along’ is accepting we are, and will always be different from one another. In fact, we think these differences are to be embraced.

Own It!

Our lives are shaped by the choices we make. We can’t control everything, but we should be expected to take resposibilty for our own decisions.

Let’s Play!

The time we spend at work should be enjoyable, memorable, rewarding and motivating. Work hard at having fun!

Our business name: Bolsta Fundraising Pty Ltd


is an adaptation of the word Bolster. Meaning: To strengthen or support

Who we are

Zlatko Manovski

Zlatko Manovski


Craig Franklin

Craig Franklin


Sash Neser

Sash Neser


We are three good mates from Wollongong. Our close association with a local sporting club has been significant in shaping us into the people we are today.

Why do we have such an affinity for our club? Well, it is the same reason most people do! Sporting clubs, leisure groups, schools and charities all play integral roles in our communities to connect and support each other. They offer belonging within a group of like-minded people and provide opportunities to grow and improve as people.

Those of us who see the value these groups add to our society also feel a duty and desire to improve and preserve them. For this reason, we will always serve our club and continue to support others doing the same in their own special organisations. 


Bolsta helps volunteer led organisations to be more effective fundraisers. We share knowledge and experience, and aim to develop systems that are digitised, innovative and more profitable.

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