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  • $30,000 in prizes 
  • Share & sell tickets straight from the app
  • Retain 60% of all sales
  • Fundraising has never been easier 
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How it works

Join other not-for-profit groups in our shared raffles. We harness the power of many, to make significant prizes accessible to everyone. There are no upfront costs and you’ll make a profit from the very first ticket sale. Customise your own raffle and start raising funds in minutes. With our raffle app, your mobile becomes your new raffle book.

For The Raffle Organiser
For The Ticket Sellers
For The Ticket Buyers

Set up your campaign

It’s super easy! Our streamlined process will have you up and running in no time.

Step 2

Get help

Build your sales force. Easily invite students, parents, club members and volunteers to sell tickets in your raffle.

Step 3

See the rewards

See who’s doing what and watch your funds grow with live tracking. You’ll reach your goal in no time.


Get the app

Download the Bolsta Raffles app. No more paper tickets, your mobile becomes your new raffle book.


Sell tickets

Your tickets are always on hand. Sell anywhere at anytime. Never miss an opportunity.


Ask for help

Link with family and friends to give you a hand selling your allocation of tickets.


Support a cause

Buy tickets and feel good about helping make a difference. At the same time, you’ll be in the running for a great prize.


Make payment

Pay for tickets on the spot, or pledge to purchase later. Use your own device for safe and secure payments.


Keep informed

Receive the results of your draw and updates about the cause you supported.

Is this for me?

Yes! If you’re a fundraiser, Bolsta Raffles just made your life a whole lot easier.

You’ll love how quick and simple it is to run raffles for your school, club or charity.

Invite your whole crew to sell tickets and then watch your campaign hit overdrive as they all link with their parents and friends to help.

There’s never been a better way to raffle!

Amazing prizes…. On us!

We provide $30,000 in prizes, so you don’t have to!

We give people what they want so you can sell more tickets. Winners can cash in on their good fortune in any way they choose. You don’t need to do a thing, we’ll contact all winners and send them their prizes.



We’re all about making things simple. That’s why our pricing structure is super transparent.

Receive 60% of each and every ticket sold

You can’t lose! You make a profit from the very first ticket sale. We’ll even cover payment processing fees on every ticket purchased. Receive funds via your Stripe account moments after every sale and withdraw at any time.


Featured Raffle Campaigns

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a shared Raffle?

Bolsta creates major Shared Raffles, that multiple not-for-profit organisations can participate in at the same time, instead of having to organise their own.

We supply large, desirable prizes, so all organisations can benefit from selling more tickets.

Why are shared raffles better?

No experience required

Running raffles isn’t easy. Join our Shared Raffle to avoid the hassle of organising your own.

It’s quicker and easier

Create your personalised campaign and start selling tickets in minutes.

No outlay – No risk

You’ll retain $3 from every $5 ticket you sell, without spending a cent. That’s a guaranteed profit from your very first ticket sale.

Larger prizes

We supply large, desirable prizes which leads to greater ticket sales for everyone.

No more donated prizes

Asking for donated prizes can be stressful and time consuming, plus you’re often competing with other causes in your community. We’ve got prizes sorted, saving you the worry.

Peace of mind

Regulations, permits and T&Cs are often overlooked, but not by us. We ensure legal compliance for every raffle.

Better together

A percentage of each ticket sale helps fund the Shared Raffles. As participation increases, so do future prize values, which benefits everyone.

Level playing field

Smaller organisations now have the ability to fundraise like their larger counterparts.

What is my Raffle Campaign Page?

Participating organisations have their own personalise Raffle Campaign Page. Potential buyers can learn more about the cause you are raising funds for and purchase tickets.

What price can we sell raffle tickets for?

Tickets have a fixed price of $5 each. Organisations retain $3 from every $5 ticket sold via their campaign.

In eligible states, free bonus tickets are offered for larger purchases.

How do I sell tickets?


Share your campaign via social media, email or other digital means. Ticket buyers follow the link to your personalised Campaign Page to purchase tickets.

Face to Face

Use the Bolsta Raffles App to sell tickets face to face. Collect payments on your device or buyers can scan your unique QR Code and fulfil the purchase on their device.


Buyers can pledge to purchase tickets later. They receive an email with their pledge details, which they can fulfil on their own device at a time that suits. We’ll even send them reminders for you.

Campaign Flyer

Display your Campaign Flyer to encourage ticket sales. Buyers use the QR Code to purchase tickets on their own device. Great for canteens, newsletters and anywhere else you might reach potential buyers.

Can I build a team to help?

Yes. Easily recruit club members, students or volunteers to help with your campaign.

No more handing out raffle books! You simply invite them to your raffle campaign and they use the Bolsta Raffles App to sell their quota of tickets.

Track everyone’s progress on the leaderboard and communicate with your team via in-app messaging.

Can my family and friends help me sell my tickets?

Yes. If sellers need help selling their tickets, they can create their own personal team of family and friends to give them a hand.

Create a personal team of up to 5 helpers using our ‘Helper Hub’.

Can kids participate?

Yes. Kids can participate. Their age will determine how they can be involvement.

Kids deemed too young to download our Bolsta Raffles App, can be easily uploaded to your campaign in name only. Parents are then invited to connect with them in the Helper Hub to sell tickets as a family.

This feature is aimed at supporting primary schools and junior clubs, as parents are more likely to get involved when their child is. Research also suggests that involving kids can be a great way to build their financial skills. Parents can even help multiple children at the same time and have their funds split evenly between them.

Refer to our Age Policy for more information.

What is the Rolling Raffle Feature?

The Rolling Raffle Feature is our unique and innovative series of raffles. The moment one raffle ends, a new one instantly begins, with its own ticket sales, prizes and winners. Your campaign simply updates as it rolls from one raffle to the next, without any interruption to ticket sales. You can now run your raffle for as long as you need to.

This makes raffling more flexible than ever before, as you are no longer confined to a start or end date for your campaign.

Create a campaign in minutes for:

  • Single one-off events such as fetes, trivia nights or presentation days
  • Major raffles for your school, club or charity that you can run for a number of months. Finish up when you are happy with the amount raised
  • Continuous fundraising that runs indefinitely. Your campaign will automatically roll through every raffle until you decide to end it
What States / Territories does Bolsta Raffles operate in?

Bolsta Raffles is currently available in NSW only.

Coming to all States and Territories soon.

Keep in contact to find out when:


When can I get started?

Get started today. Our unique Rolling Raffle Feature means there’s always a raffle running and waiting for you. 

What do I need to get stared?

Three things to have on hand when setting up a campaign for your organisation:

  • Logo, crest or emblem
  • An image for your campaign
  • Bank account details

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