How to do a 50/50 Raffle

  • Craig Franklin
  • 5 June 2020
  • 5 minute read

Raffles are a well known and trusted form of fundraising. Research has found that doing a good deed for others, such as supporting a fundraiser, can result in feelings of happiness. Furthermore, who doesn’t like the excitement and anticipation of potentially winning something? Raffles are a ‘win win’ for everyone!

One of the most versatile and easiest raffles is the 50/50 Raffle.

What is a 50/50 raffle?

A 50/50 raffle operates much the same way as a traditional raffle. Tickets can be sold at a set price, or by offering bonus tickets for higher spend amounts. Ever wondered if bonus raffle tickets do increase sales? Find out here.

There is one prize awarded for a 50/50 raffle and as the name suggests, the winner receives 50% of the total funds raised. The other half is retained by the fundraiser. A random draw is conducted to select the winner.

Typically, an unlimited number of tickets are offered for sale to build the prize pool as high as possible. It is not uncommon however to set a predetermine number of tickets for sale. This allows the prize value to be established and announced upfront.

What do you need to conduct a 50/50 raffle?

  • A book of numbered raffle tickets (see below for a simple alternative)
  • A container to collect cash in
  • A volunteer to sell tickets

Maximise the effectiveness of your 50/50 raffle

Whilst conducting your raffle, we recommended you tally the funds collected and announce the new jackpot as often as possible. Your entries will build as the prize pool increases, but people need to know about it!

We suggest giving very close thought to whom you ask to sell tickets. You will have a far greater result if you select someone with personality and powers of persuasion. Select your best seller!

Don’t limit yourself to cash only sales. Invest in a card reader to maximise your fundraising outcome. There are many options on the market such as Square and PayPal.

No tickets… worries!

Although the conventional method is to use raffle tickets, you can easily conduct a 50/50 Raffle without them.

Use the ‘Notes’ function on your mobile device to prepare a list of consecutive numbers. Record the name of buyers against the numbers in your list. Ensure the quantity of numbers allocated to each buyer equals the number of entires they have purchased in the raffle. For instance, if an entrant purchases 5 tickets, place their name against the next 5 consecutive numbers in your list.

To conclude the raffle, enter the first and last numbers purchased into a random number generator. Draw a number and refer back to your list to see who is the winner.

Download a free Random Number Generator from the App Store or Google Play.

So yes! In summary, 50/50 raffles are that easy!

At a minimum, they can be successfully organised on the spur of the moment and conducted with the resources you have on hand. Put a bit more effort into it and they can become even more lucrative.

Besides this, many participants like a cash prize and the jackpot element, which adds to the overall success of a 50/50 Raffle.

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