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At Bolsta we pride ourselves on keeping up with the finer details for running raffles throughout Australia. Unfortunately, there are a different set of raffle rules and regulations for every state and territory, which makes it difficult to know exactly what’s required. The mighty raffle is a trusted powerhouse of fundraising, and it is important to make sure you comply with rules and regulations.

If you live in Western Australia (WA) and are wondering what the rules and regulations are for running a raffle, you are in the right place. Welcome to our guide on Western Australian raffle rules and regulations. In this guide, we walk you through everything you need to know to make sure your raffle is legitimate. You should also note that in Western Australia, raffles are referred to as ‘standard lotteries’.

Legislation for running a raffle in WA

In WA, the government body that oversees raffle compliance is the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, and more specifically the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor (DRGL) section of that department. For the legal enthusiasts the key piece of legislation that dictates how raffles are to be conducted in in WA is the  Gaming and Wagering Commission Regulations 1988 which are formed under the Gaming and Wagering Commission Act 1987.


Online Resources

If you are not keen to read the legislation regarding raffle rules in WA, I don’t blame you. Thankfully, the DRGL have put together some guidelines so that you don’t have to read through hundreds of pages of exciting government legislation. Unfortunately, these online resources are in multiple places and take a bit of navigating to find your way to. To save you that trouble, you can access the most useful information via the following links.

There are four online resources, each providing information that you might find useful:

  • A summary of the common rules and regulations can be downloaded via this link
  • Additional information regarding standard lotteries can be accessed at this web page
  • A set of specific terms and conditions required to be met for standard lotteries can be found at this link
  • There is also a separate Standard Lottery Policy Page which you can be found at this page


WA Raffle Regulations and Requirements

If accessing the legislation and online resources are not your cup of tea, read on. We have prepared a summary of the key points and raffle regulations that you should take into consideration.


1.     Am I allowed to run a raffle?

Like most of the states and territories in Australia, a raffle can only be conducted for certain purposes. In Western Australia, the purpose for conducting a raffle must be for “the active promotion, support or conduct of any sporting, social, political, literary, artistic, scientific, benevolent, charitable or other like activity”. Funds raised from a raffle may not be used for commercial purposes or for private benefit.  Using funds for reasons such as making donations to individuals in need, raising money for end of season trips, or funding a reduction in membership fees for your organisation, are considered to be ‘private benefits’ and therefore not allowed.


2.     Do I require a raffle permit?

The short answer is yes. The only exceptions to this rule are for conducting ‘small personal lotteries’ which may be conducted without a permit so long as they are done so in one of three ways:

Scenario 1

Tickets are sold to persons who work or reside on the same premises, or to members and guests of a member-based organisation i.e. a club. The sale of tickets and the declaration of prizes takes place within 8 days and the maximum retail value of each prize does not exceed $1000.

Scenario 2

The lottery is conducted on the same day and on the same premises where tickets are sold. The total retail value of the prizes cannot exceed $2000.

Scenario 3

The total retail value of the prizes does not exceed $200 and the activity is being conducted as a means of raising funds for community, cultural, ethnic or charitable purposes; not for private or commercial purposes.

If you are not conducting a raffle that meets the conditions of one of the above scenarios then you will need to apply for a permit, which can be done via this link. You can also see how to lodge an application using the online portal by following their step-by-step guide.

For your organisation to be eligible to submit a permit application you will need prove that your organisation is raising money for a valid purpose and the organisation is a real entity. You will be asked to upload the constitution, or rules of association for your organization, so have them handy. You will also need to nominate a ‘permit holder’ for your organisation. The permit holder must be over 18 years of age and will be held accountable for the lawful conduct of the raffle.

The maximum permit period is 3 months. If you need an extension, you can apply for one through the online portal you used to apply initially, so long as you do so at least 7 days before the raffle was due to be drawn.


3.     What sort of prizes can I offer when running a raffle?

Specific prize restrictions in WA include:

  • The retail value of prizes that are alcohol products must not exceed $1,000.
  • Cosmetic or medical procedures may not be offered as prizes

Where the total prize value is $30,000 or more, organisations are required to provide the Commission with a bank guarantee or security deposit.


4.     Are there any raffle rules on ticket pricing and sales?

In WA you are not allowed to offer discounted tickets for larger purchases. Every ticket must be the same price. There are also some restrictions regarding where and when raffle tickets can be sold. You may not sell raffle tickets in a public place without prior authorisation. Door-to-door sales, or telephone solicitation can only be conducted between 9am and 6pm and are not authorised on Good Friday, Christmas or in the morning on Anzac Day.


5.     What needs to be displayed on a raffle ticket?

The rules for displaying information on a ticket are as follows. Make sure your tickets have the following info:

  • Ticket number
  • Price of ticket
  • Name and contact number of permit holder
  • Name of organisation on behalf of which the lottery is conducted
  • Permit number
  • Description and value of prizes
  • Date of drawing
  • Name and date of issue of the publication in which the results are to appear


6.     What are the rules for drawing the raffle?

No surprises here. You need to ensure that every ticket has the same chance of winning, and prizes must be drawn in descending order of value. That is, the highest value prize must be drawn first and the lowest value prize drawn last.

You must ensure that all prizes have been delivered within 30 days of the completion of the raffle.


7.     When running my raffle in Western Australia, do I need to have a set of Terms & Conditions?

Whilst the need for a set of terms and conditions is not explicitly specified in the regulations, the general rule is that the bigger the raffle, the more you will want to detail how the raffle will work.

Common items that are detailed in the terms and conditions include:

  • Who may participate – age or location restrictions
  • How the draw will take place
  • How winners will be notified
  • How unclaimed prizes will be handled
  • Privacy policy relating to personal data collected during the raffle

There are other clauses that you may want to add. If you are running a large raffle, the expense of a lawyer to write terms and conditions for you is worth consideration.


8.     Who can buy and sell raffle tickets?

You must be at least 12 years old to sell a raffle ticket in WA. If you have alcohol as a prize, no person under the age of 18 can buy or sell a raffle ticket.


9.     What records will I need to keep?

You will need to keep all ticket butts and unsold tickets for at least 12 months. In addition, the nominated permit holder will need to lodge a ‘Standard Lottery Financial Return’ via the online portal. There is a handy-step-by-step guide you can follow at this link. You will need to ensure that you have lodged your return within 14 days of the draw.


If this all sounds a little bit overwhelming, then let us take the hassle out of organising your raffle. Coming soon to WA…



Our disclaimer. The information in this article is current at the time of writing. It is intended as a summary and should not be considered comprehensive. We endeavor to keep the content up to date, but can’t guarantee the powers that be, have not changed the rules in the meantime. Please contact the DLGR if you have any queries regarding your raffle in Western Australia. We wish you the best of success in your fundraising efforts.


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