Committee Role Description – Treasurer


Role of Treasurer



The committee Treasurer is responsible for the financial operation of the organisation. This includes overseeing all entities that have a financial impact on the organisation to ensure they are profitable and compliant. The Treasurer should know the financial position of the organisation at all times and are responsible for advising and guiding the committee. They should also set budgets and perform regular forecasts to ensure future viability. 


Desired skills

  • A financial background
  • Experience setting and managing financial budgets
  • Proficient in preparing financial statements and reports
  • Ability to think logically and analytically 
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to make sound financial decisions and convey the rationale behind them.
  • Good organisation skills
  • Attention to detail and accuracy
  • Ability to work closely with others to ensure financial standards of the organisation are being observed 




  • Provide financial guidance to the committee regarding all financial matters
  • Prepare an annual budget with the assistance of the committee to ensure the viability of the organisation
  • Review actual expenses against the budgeted amounts set and report to the committee when they are being exceeded
  • Be a signatory on financial accounts
  • Make payment of approved expenses and ensure receipts are received and filed
  • Issue Invoices for funds owed to the organisation
  • Bank all money received through bank accounts
  • Reconcile bank accounts monthly to ensure all income and expenses are accounted for
  • Keep accurate records of all transactions
  • File all receipts and invoices for the financial year and keep safe for 7 years
  • Prepare financial reports to discuss and table at monthly committee meetings
  • Prepare annual Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet statements for the AGM
  • Send annual Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet statements to bodies your organisation is required to reports to
  • Assist with audits conducted on your organisation
  • Oversee all entities who collect money on behalf of your organisation. These may include Registrar, Canteen Manager and Sponsorship Committee.
  • Implement financial policies and procedures for your organisation to follow 


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