Bunnings Sausage Sizzle Raffle – A Must!

What’s the secret ingredient that makes a raffle a success?

It’s hard to pinpoint one thing but there’s no doubt taking advantage of a high traffic area increases your chances.

And that’s exactly what you get when you fire up the barbecue at your Bunnings Sausage Sizzle.

For this reason, it always surprises me why more organisations don’t hold a raffle at their fundraiser.

The hard work has been done, you’ve been through the application process, waited months for your day to arrive, organised your volunteers and supplies. Finally, the sweet smell of the onions cooking is tempting buyers your way.

Can you think of a more perfect time to hold a raffle?


The Scout Group


I once saw a local Scout group host an amazing sausage sizzle fundraiser.

As is a ritual for many, I lined up to get my sausage sandwich before entering the store.

I noticed the adults were manning the barbecue whilst some junior Scouts were helping people with their condiments. All of them dressed immaculately in their uniforms.

“Would you like sauce or mustard with that” I was asked as I collected my order.

“Both Please” I answered, holding my sandwich out.

The extra touches of service were impressive, and the surprises didn’t stop there.

Another young Scout greeted me as I entered the store, holding a book of raffle tickets. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who found it difficult to ignore his wide-eyed smile.

I’m always fascinated at the lengths volunteers will go to for their groups. That day was no exception as I engaged the young Scout, hoping to gain some insights about how their day was tracking.

Right on cue, the expertly trained Scout held the raffle book high over his head and asked, “would you like to buy a raffle ticket?”

“No worries, what can I win?” I asked.

“We have a trailer out the front filled with loads of magnificent prizes and all the money raised will go towards building a new clubhouse for us. Tickets are only $5 each but if you buy extra, you can have 3 for $10 or 7 for $20,” he instructed with beaming eyes.

Bam! In one great spiel, I learnt about the prize, ticket price with a discount and the clincher……. he connected me with their cause by explaining what the funds are being raised for.

Of course, I was sold.

I smiled as I drew some cash from my wallet asking him, “What’s the most number of tickets someone has bought from you today?”

The young scout looked over to an adult manning a table where the funds were being collected. The lady smiled and encouraged the boy to tell me. With a big cheesy grin, he announced:

“This man bought $50 worth of tickets.” I matched his excitement with “Wow, keep up the good work buddy!”


‘Wow’ all right! They would have made a killing that day, and you can too.

Bolsta Repraiser Promotion Sports Image
Bolsta Repraiser Promotion Hook
Bolsta Repraiser Promotion Hook

Whether you are hosting a trivia night, a school fete or a golf day, raffles are a must to boost your fundraising. As Australians, we understand the concept and the meaning of buying a raffle ticket. We accept that the odds of winning are low, but that isn’t really why we buy the ticket. It’s our way of contributing to our community.

Yet, I rarely see this simple addition. Your raffle doesn’t need to be extravagant with massive prizes. The trailer full of goodies was a mishmash of obviously donated items, everything from toys, tools to food. If finding prizes or asking for donated items isn’t your thing, you could always do a 50/50 raffle.

It’s a no brainer! The young Scout raised seventy dollars from two sales, mine and the generous person he told me about. That’s the equivalent of selling 20 sausage sandwiches. I have no doubt the raffle gave the barbecue a run for its money with funds collected.

So, next time you’re handing over a sausage sandwich, will you be helping your funds skyrocket by asking…

Would you like to buy some raffle tickets with that?


Important note: Each Bunnings Warehouse has an Activity Organiser who handles the management of the sausage sizzles. It’s up to their discretion, with any additions to your day. Please ask permission in the application letter before organising any extra fundraising activities.

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