Complete Package Of Fundraising Games

Maximise the success of your next fundraising event by incorporating fundraising games. These add to the enjoyment of the event and increase the amount of funds raised.

Our detailed Game Guides each include the following content:

  1. Game description
  2. Instructions on how to play
  3. Equipment required
  4. How to set up
  5. Number of volunteers required
  6. Variation on the game
  7. How to make money

In this pack you’ll receive the following PDF documents:

  • Closest Coin to the Bottle
  • Paper Aeroplane Challenge
  • Heads or Tails
  • ‘Sit Down if You…..‘ game
  • A comprehensive list of statements to run the ‘Sit Down if You…..‘ game
  • Longest Marshmallow Drive
  • Badminton Shot
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