Trivia Night Picture Rounds


What are Picture Rounds?


Picture Rounds are a common inclusion at most trivia events and consist of a number of images printed on a sheet of paper (usually 10 images). Teams need to correctly identify each image and write their answers in the space provided.


How to use Picture Rounds


We recommend implementing three Picture Rounds at your trivia event to compliment your Question Rounds. Teams receive 1 point for a correct answer to each image.

Prior to guests arriving, place the Picture Rounds on each table so teams can start completing them from the moment they arrive. This is a great way to engage your audience from the start and also keeps them occupied whilst you welcome and seat other guests.

Collect and score each Picture Round at different times throughout the evening. Predetermine these times and clearly display them on each sheet. Ensure guests have enough time to complete each round. 


Top Tip: If you are conducting a Fundraising Trivia Night, allow your guests to pay Bribes for the correct answers to images. This is a great way to make additional funds.

Ideas for Picture Round themes
  • Name these countries flags
  • Who are these actors?
  • These are scenes from which movie?
  • Can you name these famous people?
  • Who invented these items?
  • Can you identify these landmarks?
  • Can you guess these logos?
  • Name these board games
  • Who wrote these books?
  • Name these countries from their outline
  • Who are these super heroes?
  • Name the band who released these albums
  • These tattoos belong to which celebrity?
  • What type of animals are these?
  • Can you name these flowers?
  • Who painted these artworks?
  • Do you know these make of cars?
  • Who lives in these buildings?


Preparing your Picture Round sheets
  • Research a topic or theme for each Picture Round and find 10 images to use
  • Title each Picture Round to reflect the answers you require. Example: Can you name these flowers?
  • Display the time that each Picture Round sheet will be collected throughout the evening.
  • Number each image and ensure you have enough space on the sheet to write an answer
  • Take the opportunity to acknowledge a sponsor or prize donor on each sheet
  • Print in colour on A4 sheet size. A3 is even better if you have the capability to do so.



Get these easy to use Trivia Picture Rounds (Customisable Sheets)

Make your own professional looking Picture Rounds that contain:
  • The ability to upload 10 of your own images
  • An answer sheet for each round
  • Dedicated space to acknowledge sponsors or prize donors
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Download Trivia Picture Rounds (Customisable Sheets) now!


To ensure you have everything else covered for your Trivia event, download our Ultimate Trivia Night Program to Follow. It includes the use of Picture Rounds and when they should be collected.


Any tips or ideas that can help others with their Picture Rounds? Please leave a comment below.


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