Fundraising Game – Closest Coin to the Bottle

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  • 5 November 2019
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Game description 

The objective of this fundraising game is to toss coins at a bottle of alcohol which also doubles as the prize. The coin that comes to rest closest to the bottle wins the game and the thrower wins the bottle of alcohol.  

This is an easy game to organise and will result in high participation from your guests. Anyone with coins in their pockets will find this game hard to resist. 


Instructions on how to play 

The game is called ‘Closest coin to the bottle’.

Players with the correct change form a line behind the marked throwing area.

If they don’t have the correct coins required, direct them to the person who will assist them with change. 

Players take turns at throwing coins at a bottle placed approximately 6 meters away on the ground.

Players can deliver their coins in any manner they choose, with the aim of getting their coin closest to the bottle. They can choose to throw, roll or slide their coins.

The closest coin to bottle remains in play at all times, whilst unsuccessful coins get collected after each throw.

In order to get your coin closer to the bottle, it is fine to displace the leading coin. Be careful not to knock it closer though!

At the conclusion of the game, the person who tossed the closest coin to the bottle is the winner.

Top Tip: Invest in a good bottle of alcohol to build excitement. When announcing the game, hold it high above your head for all to see and let everyone know exactly what is on offer.


Equipment required 

  • Bottle(s) of alcohol or other prizes
  • Tape to mark lines to throw from
  • A float of gold coins for change
  • A container to collect unsuccessful coins in
  • A tape measure to adjudicate the closest coin 


How to set up

Choose a clear, flat space approximately 10 metres long by 3 metres wide.

Mark a line on the ground with tape. Players will throw coins from behind this line.

Place the bottle of alcohol approximately 6 to 8 metres away from the throw line. 

Ensure there is enough room for participants to queue whilst awaiting their turn.

Set up a space where participants can change money into the required coins.

Top Tip: Where possible, select a hard surface to play this game on. Although this makes it easier to slide coins closer to the bottle, it also helps participants displace the leading coin and keeps the game alive for longer.


Number of volunteers required.

Two Volunteers:

  • One volunteer to give change out.
  • A second volunteer to officiate the closest coin and collect unsuccessful coins


Variations on the game

  • Have two bottles of alcohol set up as targets on the playing area:

Bottle 1: A cheaper bottle of alcohol to toss $1 coins at.

Bottle 2: A more expensive bottle of alcohol to toss $2 coins at.

The $1 target can be moved a bit closer if you choose.

  • Have one good bottle of alcohol as a target, and mark two lines on the playing area:

Line 1: Placed closer to the bottle so those throwing $2 coins get an advantage.

Line 2: Further back than line 1, to throw $1 coins from.

  • Use a different target instead of a bottle of alcohol. The closest coin to the target wins a prize. A glass is adequate to use as a target.
  • If you don’t have a prize for this game, consider organising a 50/50 prize. This means 50% of the funds raised for this game go to the winner and the other half are kept by the fundraising entity. 


How to make money 

Use $1 or $2 coins depending on the quality of your prize. We recommend a decent bottle of alcohol and charge $2 per throw.

You will make more money from this game if you don’t have to purchase prizes. For help sourcing donated prizes, read this great article: Getting prizes Donated is Easy When You Know How.



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